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Open paths in the middle of the rainforest was an arduous task, but the strength and determination of
families coming mostly from the south of the country, on May 19, 1976 contributed to start the city of
Alta Floresta. The goal was to have an economy based on agriculture.
However, with the gold rush in the 80s, the city’s economy turns to the mining activity (this period Alta
Floresta had over 100,000 inhabitants). Not long after, the mining came to suffer major setback with
the metal value fall ­ as happened with many other new municipalities in the Amazon region. The
population of Alta Floresta­MT is currently 49,761.
Currently, the community, through its organized segments, public institutions and other stakeholders,
seek alternatives to the economic consolidation of the city, returning to agriculture, livestock and
tourism development ­ which has been leveraging the city’s economy and to become again one of the
highlights of the state of Mato Grosso. Today, with the installation of a large hydroelectric plant in
nearby Paranaíta many of the estimated thousands of workers and their families moved to Alta
The municipality of Alta Floresta has an 8 947.07 square kilometers in area and is located at the
northern end of the state of Mato Grosso, 830 km from the state capital, Cuiabá. It is 283 meters
above sea level.
The airport of Alta Floresta is located 6 km (4 mi) from downtown and has the second largest runway
Midwest region, 2500 meters long. And able to receive small aircraft, medium and large.
The city has beautiful sights with ideal structure to receive tourists interested in the most diverse
types of ecotourism (very strong in sport fishing and bird watching). Bathed in the river Teles Pires, it
is a leading sports fishing spots in the state, attracting fishing enthusiasts from all states and even
other countries. In one of the richest parts of the Brazilian Amazon, the municipality of Alta Floresta is
an ecotourism center in the northern region. Internationally renowned for the richness of the fauna
and flora of the Amazon, as well as the diversity of birds, their unique attractive and differentiated,
attract tourists, researchers and birdwatching enthusiasts (bird watching) as among the 1,600 species
of Brazilian birds, 600 in this region. As one of the municipalities that constitute the initial core of
ecotourism in the Mato Grosso Amazon side and one of the best places in the country to practice
sport fishing. Jungle lodges close to the river offer specialized infrastructure for tourists seeking to
ecotourism, bird watching, sport fishing and adventure tourism. Among the main attractions of Alta
Floresta, we highlight the Cristalino State Park, one of the most important areas for conservation
throughout the Amazon and the Nook Orchid Apollonia Grade, that enchant its visitors with the
natural beauty and exuberance of the Amazon.

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