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Bonito is a municipality in the Midwest region, situated in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Pole of ecoturismo
worldwide, its main attractions are the natural landscapes, the dips in rivers of clear water, waterfalls, caves,
caverns and sinkholes. Along with Garden Guide lagoon Lopes da Bodoquena, it is the main municipality that
integrates the tourist complex of the National Park of Bodoquena, with great tourism potential.
In order to increase ecotourism Development Program of Tourism, recently there has been investment of more
than R $ 130 million in construction and sanitation programs, paving and encouraging ecotourism in the Serra
da Bodoquena
The city of Bonito is located in the southern Midwest region of Brazil, west of Mato Grosso do Sul, on
the Bodoquena Plateau (popularly known as Serra da Bodoquena) and Miranda depression. It is
located at a latitude 21o07’15 “south and longitude 56o28’55” west. distances:
265 km from the state capital (Campo Grande)
1399 km from the federal capital (Brasilia
Land: The City is set in one of the upland valleys of Bodoquena, whose predominant rock is
limestone. Among these rocks, there are spaces, of which call caves or caverns. Thus, in the Plateau
Bodoquenadevem there is more than one hundred caves. In the city’s underground rocks that
accumulate water from the rain, thus forming the water table. Water breaks through some parts of
limestone, collecting their minerals. Thus, the waters of the springs come out rich in calcium
bicarbonate and magnesium. Nevertheless, the waters remain colorless.
This is a sedimentary rock with formation of shells and algae. Eventually he formed hardened and
rocks, taking place between 500 and 600 million years. The area was once a sea, having been called
Corumba Sea and existed at the time of scale formation, but after many earthquakes and movements
of tectonic plates eventually causing a clash of two ancient continents and finally the closure likely in
March Over the years, due to tectonic movements created the Cordillera Andese after the formation
of the Bodoquena Plateau. With water rich in minerals (calcium bicarbonate and magnesium
bicarbonate), from the limestone, with abundant rock in the region.
The caves in Bonito are wet, and some have lakes inside. There are also curious forms that descend
from the ceilings of the same, as well as other ways in bottoms. They are usually dark, and the little
creatures home, among them, the bats, which play a fundamental role in disseminating seeds and a
food carrier into the caves, providing the beginning of the food chain in them. Go into a cave becomes
an obstacle because they were not made for human occupation, but some have easy access. Still
walking inside a cave alone without a guide can cause damage inside the caves. Detail: the caves
are federal property.
It is the main tourist town of the Serra da Bodoquena region (along comBodoquena, Garden and Guia
Lopes da Laguna), with tourism the main activity of região10 long ago, besides being in constant
evolution seeking minimal interference in nature. Beautiful gathers a group of teams, companies,
NGOs and government agencies seeking to organize and coordinate ecotourism, always seeking
local sustainability and nature conservation.
January ­ Feast of the Holy Kings ­ religious tradition of many years that passed from father to son.
The organization is a group of 15 people. The party begins to be organized on 25 December and
leaves the Fishing Arizona, where is the Lord’s Supper, then moves to other Fisheries singing and
asking for gifts in addition to praying the Rosary in each pass. Land on Fisheries and follow the next
day, between 4 and 5 January, they arredam the gifts for the festival on January 6.
April ­ Party Beautiful Cowboy’s Peasant ­ the event is held annually in late April with completion in
early May. Typical pawns representing the farms throughout the state and compete for trophies in
various sports.
July ­ Bonito Winter Festival ­ The festival is part of a set of actions developed and supported by
government and tourism industry, with the aim of expanding the tourism potential. The event consists
of: music, parties, tetro, art exhibitions, photography, flying film, video and lectures, and lasts 10 days.
August ­ State Meeting Bond Club ­ Event held in late August, which brings together 11 state Lace
clubs. Performing dances.

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