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Cacoal is a municipality in the state of Rondonia. The city has been named after the large amount of native
cocoa trees in the area, coming to become along with coffee the most important crops in the region, giving
support base to the local economy.
The city’s history began with the arrival of the telegraph line in the region, opened by Marshal Cândido Mariano
da Silva Rondon, in the year 1909. One of the telegraph stations was installed in the place where today is the
city of Pimenta Bueno, hiring men to being required to working as a lineman.
Important Places to see in Cacoal:
Waterfall Line 11: With greater flow of visitors on weekends, when there happen rodeos, bingos, barbecues,
live music, among other activities on site. People have the opportunity to take waterfall bath, or enjoy nature.
Cacoal Selva Park: A rural area preserved for over 20 years has become one of the main leisure areas of the
region and the state. Today open to the public, it is a reference in Brazil for ecotourism. The space, in March
2000 was transformed into Private Natural Heritage Reserve. It has ecological structures, which currently has
cabins equipped for family accommodation, paddle boats, water wheels, camping area, kiosk, games room,
restaurant, snack bars, and wild animals on display, among others
Lagoa Azul: Because of algae and clay pigment, the water color lives up to the location name. There are
several springs that were dammed, forming a pond with clean water. On weekends the place is much
frequented by tours of cities and offers trampoline place, camping area, snack bar and barbecue area.
Lago do Parque Sabia: The lake also known as Lake BNH, consists of existing springs on site. It is located in a
green area in the center of the neighborhood and has a leisure infrastructure like walking track, indoor sports
court, playground and a large grassy area.
Pedra na Lina 7: It is a place where there is a natural overlap of a stone upon another, forming a beautiful
landscape to be admired.
Pedra na Lina 10: Place suitable for those who wish to enjoy nature and have a little adventure climbing a wall
about 50 meters high. The site also serves to nature walks. From the top of the stone, a panoramic view of the
city of Cacoal.
Balearic Bola de Ouro: Pleasantly lake with clear water and space for camping. Grills and kiosks and a
Fuscacroos track with annual events that bring together riders and spectators from all over the state.

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