Brazil Destinations, Caldas Novas

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Caldas Novas is a municipality in the state of Goiás and its population is 79.705 inhabitants. Caldas
Novas is located 300 km from Brasilia, 150 km from Goiania and 750 km from Sao Paulo.
The structure of the city has hotels, inns, lodges, clubs, nightclubs and bars. Another major attraction
of Caldas Novas is ecotourism, since the city lies on the shores of Lake of the Corumbá dam and
adjacent to the Serra de Caldas.
Caldas Novas is the biggest health resort in the world. The spring waters come from the ground at
temperatures between 98F and 136F. And it is precisely the medicinal properties attributed to these
hot springs that attract more than one million visitors a year, making it the largest tourist hub of the
state of Goiás.
The origin of the spa of Caldas Novas and Rio Quente comes from rainwater. After falling on the
ground, it seeps around 2000 m underground. According to experts, the heat from the depths heats
the water, which, due to high pressure, goes back to the surface. The relief of pain in joints and
muscles is the benefit brought to bathers.
The combination of hot water with a large leisure infrastructure turned Caldas Novas and its neighbor,
Rio Quente, one of the main tourist centers of Brazil. Hotels, theme parks and resorts of both cities
exploit naturally heated pools and water sources (98F), reinforced by recreational activities, which
attract millions of tourists every year. Among the best known points is the Hot Park water park,
located in the complex of Rio Quente Resorts and has attractions such as extreme water slides and
even an artificial beach ­ where you can learn to surf. All this happens in the Corrido, 1000 km distant
from the ocean. It is a unique destination, able to charm children and to rejuvenate elders.

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