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Fernando de Noronha is a Brazilian archipelago of Pernambuco state. Made up of 21 islands , islets and
rocks of volcanic origin , covers a total area of ​​26 square kilometers – of which 17 square kilometers are
the main island – and is located in the Atlantic Ocean , 545 km far northeast of the capital of
Pernambuco , Recife. The main island comprises 91 % of the total area of the archipelago , with an area
of 17 square kilometers , 10 km long and 3.5 km wide at its maximum . The base of this enormous volcanic
formation is about 4000 meters below the sea level. The central highlands of the main island is called ”
Quixaba ” . The islands of Rata , Sela Gineta , Hairy and San Jose, along with the islets Lion Widow and
make up almost the entire archipelago of rest
First sighted between 1500 and 1502, has its discovery attributed to an expedition led by explorer
Ferdinand Loronha, although there are controversies; But it is certain that the first to describe it was
Amerigo Vespucci, in an expedition held between 1503 and 1504. First hereditary captaincy of Brazil, the
archipelago has suffered constant invasions of English, French and Dutch between the sixteenth and
eighteenth centuries. On September 24, 1700, Fernando de Noronha became, by royal charter,
dependence of Pernambuco captaincy with which already had a historical connection. In 1736 the lha was
invaded by the French East India Company, going to call Isle Dauphine, but the following year, an
expedition sent by the Recife expelled the franceses.7 In 1942 became federal territory, whose
acronym was FN, and the capital was Vila dos Remedios, returning to Pernambuco area more than four
decades later, in the year 1988.7 Currently Fernando de Noronha is a state district of Pernambuco, and
is managed by a general manager appointed by the government estado.
The Fernando de Noronha beaches are promoted for tourism and recreational diving . Due to the South
Equatorial Current , which pushes the African hot water to the island , diving to depths of 30, 40 meters
does not require a wetsuit . The underwater visibility can reach up to 50 meters .
Next to the island is possible to of an advanced dive and visit the Ipiranga Corvette, Which lies 62
meters deep , after being sunk at que point intentionally after a boating accident .
The island has three diving operators , offering different levels of service quality. Also , the archipelago
has interesting points of snorkeling, the the natural pool of the Watchtower, the sinking of the Port of
San Antonio, the slab Boldró , Among Others . The archipelago has diverse marine life , it is common to
several species of reef fish , turtles and sharks and dolphins Eventually .
Beaches of Noronha are divided in two sectors: Inside Sea (Mar de Dentro) and Outside Sea (Mar de
The Inside Sea is the one towards the coast of Brazil.
Here, there are ten beaches and two bays, one of which very special where access is restricted: the
Dolphin Bay.
The sea is calm during most of the year, protected from the Eastern winds, allowing the access from one
beach to another in plenty of beauty and adventure tours. When windy season comes (from November to
April), the waves grow and the Inside Sea becomes a meeting point for surfing. The Outside sea is the one towards Africa.
This side has four beaches, one creek, two areas for contemplation and a set of swimming pools on the
A rough sea, in some places a little bit calmed by the reefs, which hold the waves between the stones.
Water spouts, very large areas crowded with coloured fishes, like enormous aquariums.

Fernando de Noronha is considered by many one on the most beautiful places to visit in Brasil!

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