Brazil Destinations, Fortaleza

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Fortaleza, locally in the city, Ceará state or Northeast Region, is the state capital of Ceará, located in
Northeastern Brazil. With a population close to 2.55 million (metropolitan region over 3.6 million),
Fortaleza is the 5th largest city in Brazil.The official history of Fortaleza as a permanent settlement
dates back to the 17th century, when the Dutch had a brief dispute with the Portuguese over the
territory. During Portuguese and Brazilian rule, the city has had several names, always beginning with
Fortaleza (fortress in Portuguese).
Climate: Fortaleza has a typical tropical climate, specifically a tropical wet and dry climate, with high
temperatures and high relative humidity throughout the year. Fortaleza weather is unique in that there
is usually rain during the first seven months of the year from January to July. During this period,
relative humidity is high. Fortaleza’s climate is usually very dry from August to December, with very
little rainfall
Vegetation: In Fortaleza there are some remaining areas of mangrove, in preserved areas.[21][22] Some
species of fruit trees are also found in many areas of Fortaleza, including coconut and mango trees
Fortaleza’s GDP is R$42 billion, arising from its diversified commerce, industry and tourism. Downtown
Fortaleza, or Centro, is where most commercial activities happen. Monsenhor Tabosa Avenue, near
Iracema Beach and Aldeota neighborhood are significant commercial districts as well. Fortaleza has two
of the ten biggest malls in the country, Shopping Iguatemi and RioMar Shopping, the seventh and the
eighth largest, respectively. Fortaleza is home to several other malls, the most significant being RioMar
Norte, Shopping Del Paseo, North Shopping Jóquei, Parangaba Shopping, Via Sul, Varanda Mall and
Jardins Open Mall.
The manufacturing industry produces footwear, textiles, leather-derived items, and processed food and
beverages. Presently, Fortaleza offers a wide variety of event spaces, allowing different kinds of events
to be promoted, ranging from small business meetings to national and international conventions and fairs
that receive thousands of people. The biggest and best-equipped event venue available in the Northeast
of Brazil is the Event Center of Ceará (CEC) in Fortaleza, opened in 2012. Additionally, many hotels,
business centers and other venues also offer adequate spaces for different types of gatherings. Now-
defunct TAF Airlines used to have its headquarters in Fortaleza.

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