Brazil Destinations, Governador Valadares

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Governador Valadares is a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais. Belonging to the micro-region of the
same name and the middle region of Vale do Rio Doce, located northeast of the state capital, lying about
320 km of this. Its population estimated by IBGE in 2014 was 276 995 habitants. Tr’s located 960 km
from Brasilia, the federal capital. It covers an area of 2348.1 square kilometers. Of this total,
24.3674 km2 are in perimeter urbano.
Most of its territory is located on the left bank of the Rio Doce. The city is served by the Estrada de
Ferro Vitoria a Minas, the Companhia Vale do Rio Doce and Rio-Bahia highway (BR-116). Connects to the
state capital by the BR-381.10
The city also stands out for its tourism. In Governador Valadares is the Peak Ibituruna. With 1123
meters of altitude, it is one of the highest points of the mining East. It is home to one of the Brazilian
Championship steps of Free Flight and the competitors jump Peak, from where one can see the whole
region of Vale do Rio Doce, whose bed is at the foot of the peak. Also hosts several international
championships of free flight.
The Governador Valadares geography is homogeneous . The municipality has a predominantly undulating
relief and Atlantic vegetation . Governador Valadares is located in Mesoregion Vale do Rio Doce.
A major source of city income is still tourism. The city has various tourist attractions . Highlighting the
Peak Ibituruna . With 1123 meters of altitude above sea level, it has the best thermal of the world and
has established itself as a national and international stage in the practice of free flight . In addition to
the free flight , the peak area is conducive to the practice of other adventure sports . It is a registered
trademark of Governador Valadares, one of the most beautiful postcards. Currently, Ibituruna is
regarded as a preservation area.
The Gross domestic product – GDP in Governador Valadares is the 153 largest in Brazil , highlighting the
area of service , as the municipality has no large-sized industry established . Much of the income of the
city comes from abroad, whose numbers are impossible to account for being illegal immigrants .

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