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Itaituba is a city and municipality located in the state of Pará, Brazil, and one of the most important
socio economic centers in the western region of the State with a population of 97,343 inhabitants.
Highlights in Itaituba economy are the manufacturing sector, mining, and agriculture. The industry is
remarkable for the production of products based on limestone (raw material abundant in the city
subsoil) and leading producers of cement in the country.
Itaituba has good hotel infrastructure to receive tourists and visitors, provided with several
categorized hotels one to four stars. The city also has great Eco tourist potential, which includes
attractions of exuberant beauty, such as caves, waterfalls, mineral and thermal waters, as well as a
lot of beaches and fishy lakes, located mainly near the city. Standing out in this context the so­called
region of São Luiz do Tapajós, which is located about an hour’s drive from Itaituba. Noteworthy are
also beautiful beaches and islands along the Tapajos River, which in turn in the months of August,
September and October are presented with greenish and crystal clear waters, due to the rock
formation of the river bottom found only in this region. Itaituba also attracts tourists for sport fishing,
who come after large peacock bass on Lago do Jacare. The main tourist attractions are:
Caverna Paraiso
It is located about 90 km from the city of Itaituba, The cave is made of limestone, it features over 300
square meters of halls and galleries with beautiful and varied as speleothems: stalactites,
stalagmites, curtains, travertines. In addition to these wonders it can be found underground rivers,
caves which are characteristics in limestone formations. Importantly, the site is considered as the first
cave in limestone cataloged in the Amazon
Lago do Jacare
It is about 50 minutes by boat from the city, up the Tapajós River, considered a special location for
sport fishing of various types of Amazonian fish.
Tabuleiro Monte Cristo
In the area of ​​Tabuleiro Monte Cristo, it was created the Turtles of the Amazon Program that is run by
IBAMA and aims to protect species such as turtles, Six­Tubercled Amazon River Turtle and a variety
of birds such as, Talhamar, Gaivota, and Bacurau.
Hotel Fazenda Maloquinha
It is located at km 15 of the Trans­Amazon Highway, towards Jacareacanga, and welcomes all
visitors, who can enjoy the beauty of nature, contemplating historic buildings, go hiking, enjoy
regional fish kept in farms (pirarucu), and River bathing, all in the most intimate contact with nature.
The farm also offers cheese, meals, snacks and teas.
Amazon National Park
The Amazon National Park has extensive tropical forest mixed forest and alluvial forests, flooded
forests rich in acai and buriti, numerous geological formations of different ages, rare species of
terrestrial and semi­terrestrial trees, and several species of animals. The park is rich in fauna, but a
small number of individuals of each species, usually nocturnal. It can also be found endangered
species such as the giant otter, manatee and giant anteater, in addition to reptiles and remarkable
aquatic fauna.
Regular flights connect the city to major cities in the region and in the country. Other wys to access
include the BR­163 Highway (Cuiabá­Santarem Highway) and BR­230 (Trans), and the Rio Tapajós.
From Itaituba Port depart regularly from small, medium and large vessels, connecting the city to the
port of Santarem, Belem, Manaus and Macapa.

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