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Ji Parana is the second largest city in the state of Rondônia, with a population of approximately
120.000 inhabitants. The city is divided by the Ji­Parana River and is distant 375 km from the city of
Porto Velho, capital of Rondonia. It has a diversified economy with industries in the timber sector,
granite and dairy industries. Ji­Paraná has a strong trade and agricultural production, based on
cotton, rice, maize, banana, cassava, coffee and cocoa. The large animal livestock production is
significant in the region.
The Ji­Parana name derives from the indigenous names: JI means Axe (due to the large number of
stones that looked like Indian axes), and Paraná means Big River, or the Great River full of small
axes. In 1877 the northeastern people started the occupation in the Amazon for the extract of latex
from the rubber trees. They were called rubber soldiers. In 1909, the Marechal Rondon arrived at the
River Urupá then building the first telegraph station, which he has names Presidente Pena, after the
then President of the Republic Afonso Augusto Moreira Pena.
With the devaluation of the rubber, the region depopulated and only with the diamond discovery the
region started to develop once again. In the 1950s the then Rondônia village counted with a 30
people population, which increased to 2.000 with prospectors coming, bringing their vessels and in
the dry season dotted the river in search of diamonds. On October 11 1977, it had its political
emancipation decreed by President Ernesto Geisel that by law gave autonomy to the city, turning it in
the current Ji­Paraná. The installation took place in the same year on November 22, belonging to the
district of Porto Velho, until 29 February 1980, when was transformed into region.
Cultural attractions are quite diverse; from the Municipal Theatre, the Communications Museum,
Exhibition, and The Rock State Festival. There are also leisure options in clubs and associations such
as the AABB, Ramos Piscine, Balneario Bernardi, as well as various bars and nightclubs.

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