Brazil Destinations, João Pessoa

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João Pessoa is the capital of Paraiba and one of the best quality of life in the Northeast capitals,
possessing several sites that help the city’s population to get a better and quality life. Its squares have
fitness equipment, as well as bike paths throughout the city. João Pessoa was one of two major cities
of New Holland, along with Mauritsstadt (nowadays Recife). It has ancient and vast historical
heritage, similar to Olinda in Pernambuco state. It is known as “Gate of the Sun”, due to the fact the
city is located at Ponta do Seixas, which is the most eastern point of the Americas, which makes the
city be known as the place “where the sun rises first in the Americas “. Founded in 1585 under the
name “Nossa Senhora das Neves”, the city of João Pessoa is the third oldest state capital in Brazil.
During the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, João Pessoa received the
title of “second greenest capital of the world”.
João Pessoa, the friendly capital of Paraiba, presents a happy combination of cool beaches, historical
attractions and good shopping ­ with lower prices than other coastal cities. During the night, the huge
boardwalk between the Cabo Branco beach, Tambau and Manaíra boils of people playing sports,
walking or sipping on one of the tents with live music. The best preserved parts of the beaches are
farther from the center, north and south ­ it’s worth taking the car a tour to see them. The Sao
Francisco Cultural Center is a pearl of the Brazilian Baroque and enchants those who like religious
art. For less spiritual pleasures, delicious local cuisine is amply represented in the starry Mangai,
which has a hundred regional recipes in its typical buffet food.
Castro Pinto International Airport, which is in the town of Bayeux (14 km from downtown João
Pessoa), receives flights from major Brazilian cities. The João Pessoa bus station is near the center
and just outside there is an integration terminal, with buses to the entire city.
It is very easy to move around the city. The main attractions are the Beach coast and the Historical
Center linked by Epitacio Pessoa Avenue. Major hotels are concentrated in the urban fringe of Cabo
Branco, Tambaú and Manaíra ­ these beaches are the busier ones.

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