Brazil Destinations, Navegantes

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Navegantes is a municipality in the state of Santa Catarina. Located at latitude 26o53’56 “south and longitude
48o39’15” West, being on the coast north of Santa Catarina center and is part of Mesoregion Vale do Itajaí, on
the left bank of the mouth of the Itajaí­Açu River, with the an altitude of 12 meters. Its estimated population in
2012 was 63,764 inhabitants. The current mayor is Roberto Carlos de Souza.
Privileged by nature, the city of Navegantes was born facing the sea and was soon colonized by Azorean. The
first sismeiro the region was João Dias Arzão, which, in 1658, received a land grant in front of the Itajaí­Mirim.
It emancipated politically Itajai on 26 August 1962. Its original name was Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes.
Navegantes account yet with Minister Victor Konder International Airport, important cargo terminal and
passengers who serves the regions of Foz do Itajaí and Vale do Itajaí, which together with the Port of
Navegantes, recent conquest of the city, makes the city a reference in transport national and international.

The Minister Victor Konder International Airport is a public airport and is considered the main gateway for those
who live in the Itajai Valley and near Navegantes, like Camboriú, Itajaí, Itapema. The airport is linked to the
main airports in Brazil.
Navegantes has the Theatre Group Creating history that has led their presentations to the farthest recesses of
the city, making this way the population has greater appreciation for art and culture in the city.
Typical party
Around carnival Navegantes, it is made famous party Navegay, where all men go dressed in feminine attire
and women with male attire. This festival is traditional in the city, and the best­dressed win best costume award
Navegay the year. The festival takes place every Monday of carnival, with sun or not.

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