Brazil Destinations, Porto Trombetas

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Porto Trombetas is a Brazilian port district in the state of Pará, in the municipality of Oriximiná. It is the largest
generator of income and employment in the city of Oriximiná.
Porto Trombetas is a receptive and welcoming place, which has the necessary infrastructure to accommodate
the employees of the mining company and its contractors.
The population of Porto Trombetas is diverse. These are people with different accents and cultures, people
coming Para and other states.
The village offers security and is inviting practitioners of sports activities, mainly to have a mild and organized
traffic. Walking and cycling are among the favorite activities of residents during the week. And on weekends,
bayous and beaches in the area are on the itineraries of those who live here.
The place is quiet and the distances between work, school and very short residence. This feature allows, for
example, the lunch of home employees and the constant contact with the family.
Porto Trombetas can be reached by land only from the cities of the Terra Santa and Faro. The main means of
transport is by water, the district also has daily flights en route to Belem and Manaus, and scales in United
Porto Trombetas emerged in 1979 according to research for the exploitation of bauxite, the raw material for
aluminum. The Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN), it is a company made up of a combination of domestic and
foreign companies with a mission to extract benefit and market bauxite in western Pará. In 1999 the village
was elevated to the category of district.

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