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Rio Verde is a municipality in the state of Goiás . According to studies in August 2014 , its population is
around 202,221 habitants, one of the most populous area in Goiás , behind only the capital Goiânia and
cities of Aparecida de Goiania and Anapolis .
The Goias southwest occupation took place in the early nineteenth century with the tax payment
exemption for 10 years by Law No. 11 for cattle farmers in southern Goiás region. Around the year 1840,
amount to region Rio Verde José Rodrigues de Mendonça , his wife , Claudia Florentina St. Bernard and
children settled six leagues of Rio Verde , in what would be the St. Thomas Farm .
On August 25, 1846 , José Rodrigues and his wife donated seven allotments of his land for the assets of
the church and construction of a chapel in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows From there, the Village of Our
Lady became what we call Rio Verde today.
On August 5, 1848 , through the Provincial Law, the village was elevated to Green River District
Its topography is gently undulating flat with 5 % slope , with an average altitude of 748 meters, and the
climate has two distinct seasons : a dry ( May to October ) and a rainy season ( November to April ) . The
average temperature varies between 20 ° C and 25 ° C .
The vegetation consists of savannah and residual forests . The soil is a dark red latosol with clay and
sandy- loamy textures.
In recent growth of Brazilian agricultural business , the city of Rio Verde has stood out for having a
considerable agricultural structure and an important agricultural cooperative, called Comigo.
The local tourism relies on trade fairs and events related to agribusiness as the Expo Rio Verde ,
agricultural fair organized by the Rural Union of Rio Verde and which already has the achievement of
more than 55 editions and Tecnoshow – Me , which is a national fair directed to the technology segment
of agriculture. The tourism also relies in ecotourism , rodeos and receiving tourist that come for
Sudoexp, directed to the corporate segment as a whole that happens every two years in even years held
by the Commercial and Industrial Association of Rio Verde ( ACIRV ) 11 . To meet such demand , the city
possesses more than thirty hotels, with more than fifteen hundred beds , among them an international
franchisee network standard Blue Tree Hotels .

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