Brazil Destinations, Salvador

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The Portuguese conquest of the territory where Salvador is now located began in 1501, when the Bay
of All Saints is named and a Portuguese standard was installed in the bay. By 1510, there was
already a town with Indians and Europeans, who gave assistance to passing ships. In 1536, it was
founded a village in the bay.
The city of Salvador was founded in 1549 by the governor of Brazil, Thome de Sousa. It was planned
and built to be the capital of the Lusitanian America, ushering in the effective colonization of Brazil. It
was built from scratch within the Bay, without taking advantage of the existing structures, it was vital
to ensure the defense of the territory.
In the 17th and 18th centuries it was one of the largest and most important cities in America, with
major port activity with Portugal and its colonies in Africa and Asia. During that time Portugal shared
with Spain, the hegemony of the seas.
By the early 19th century, it was the largest city in Brazil and the second largest in the Empire
Lusitano, after Lisbon. In 1808, Salvador became the first headquarters of the Portugal in Brazil.
Today, the city is home to about 3 million habitants, and is again the third largest in the country.
The culture is rich with important contributions of Portuguese, Indians and Africans. The city holds a
priceless historical heritage.
Salvador is the host city of the metropolitan region of Bahia, popularly known as ” Great Savior.”
Beyond it are twelve other municipalities in the metropolitan area : Camacari, Candeias , Dias d’ Ávila
, Itaparica, Lauro de Freitas, Mother of God , Mata de Sao Joao , Pojuca , São Francisco do Conde,
São Sebastião do Passé , Simões son and Vera Cruz . With 3,574,804 habitants, it is the seventh
most populous metropolitan area in Brazil (IBGE, 2010) and one of the 120 largest in the world.
Salvador is located on a small peninsula, roughly triangular , which separates the Bay of All Saints of
the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The bay, which gets its name because it was discovered by
the Portuguese in the All Saints’ Day forms a natural harbor. Salvador is one of the country’s main
export ports, lying in the heart of Reconcavo Baiano , a rich agricultural and industrial region , and
encompasses the northern part of the coast of Bahia .
Salvador’s port still plays a critical role in the economy of Northeastern Brazil, providing commercial
services for a vast region and exporting cocoa, sisal, soybeans, and petrochemical products. Local
industries include fishing, oil and gas extraction, cigar manufacture, a petrochemical complex at
Camaçari, an oil refinery, and tourism. The Centro Industrial de Aratu, a planned industrial park, occupies a vast area around the Bay of Aratu and is home to over 100 industrial firms.
The city is a major tourist destination of the country. As for the international tourism, is second only to
Rio de Janeiro.
Salvador has famous beaches , such as Itapuã , the Artists and Porto da Barra. The city’s beaches
attract both locals and other tourists , mainly because of the pleasant water temperature.
Salvador has a tropical forest climate, with annual average temperature around 25 ° C and abundant
rainfall throughout the year, with no discernible dry season. Temperatures are relatively constant
throughout the yea, with hot and humid weather conditions , reaching extremes of 17 ° C in winter 45
and 30 ° C in summer.
The vegetation of Salvador is rough and cut by deep valleys. It has a narrow strip of plains, which in
some places widen. The city is eight meters above sea level.
Along the waterfront are coconut groves, trailing plants such as grass, sand and the beach. In the
city, are important areas of dunes.
The coast of Salvador is one of the longest for destinations throughout Brazil. There are 80 km of
beaches distributed between the High City and Low City , from Inema , in the railroad suburb to the
Praia do Flamengo, on the other side of town.
Its historic architectural complex and its churches refer the visitor to the past, when Salvador was the
capital of Brazil . Beaches, parties and cultural traditions complete the options for tourists.
The Mercado Modelo is the point chosen by many tourists to buy souvenirs of Bahia , among them
lace, berimbaus and all kinds of handicrafts produced in the state.
Another major attraction is the Carnival, considered the most popular party in the world ( Guinness
Book in 2004 , recorded the Carnival of Bahia to be the largest in the world ) . There are many ways
to enjoy the Bahia carnival; one is join one of the carnival blocks that are pulled by electric trios and
isolated from the crowd with a rope .
The population of Salvador doubles in the summer and get unparalleled proportions during Carnival .
The Salvador inspires spontaneity, joy and religiosity.

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