Brazil Destinations, Sao José do Rio Preto

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Sao Jose do Rio Preto is a municipality located in the state of São Paulo, 454 km northwest from the
state capital. The estimated population is 438 354. The city’s name is a mix between the patron, St.
Jose, and the Rio Preto (Black River), the river that bathes the municipality. The municipality today is
formed by the towns of Engenheiro Schmitt, São José do Rio Preto (District Host) and Talhado, and
is subdivided into around 360 districts, subdivisions and residential. It is one of the main industrial and
cultural centers in the interior of Sao Paulo. Its economic history has been long linked to coffee
cultivation, also present in much of the state of São Paulo, especially in the early twentieth century.
Rio Preto was served by roads, trails where circulated with great difficulties, carts, ox carts, troops,
which turned into highways or railways.
With the arrival of the railroad Araraquarense (EFA) in 1912, the municipality assumes its commercial
hub of concentration of goods produced in the then known Hinterland of Avanhandava and
distribution of goods coming from the capital.
At the regional tourism sector, we can highlight the freshwater lakes of the region, which makes up
the so­called Guarani Aquifer. The region has great tourism potential, especially where the waters
were dammed by huge hydroelectric. Several municipalities and private enterprises have adapted the
use of this water source (sometimes heat, hot) for fun and leisure, which makes possible for people to
travel for much of the state of São Paulo by waterways, enjoying beautiful scenery and thus
encouraging ecotourism, and enjoy hot water Spas in close towns such as Fernandopolis, Olimpia
among others.
The city also has an important cultural tradition that goes from crafts to theater, music and sports. Its
main and most traditional football clubs are the America Football Club and the Rio Preto Esporte
Club, founded respectively in January 1946 and April 1919.
Besides having the FIT, International Theatre Festival, which is held in July, several national and
international shows are presented during the fifteen days that the festival takes place major. A feature
of the festival is to bring culture to all people in different locations than the theater. During the festival
the city becomes the stage of the shows.
Sao Jose do Rio Preto counts with the 33rd busiest airport in Brasil offering connections to all parts of
the country.

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