Brazil Destinations, Sinop

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Sinop is a city on the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. The fourth­largest city in the state, its population
in 2011 is estimated at more than 110,000 inhabitants, placing Sinop in 229th place in Brazil.
The curious name of the city, settled by people originally from Paraná state, is an acronym for
Sociedade Imobiliaria do Norte do Parana (North Real Estate Society of Paraná). Sinop counts with
an airport that receives regular flights from Cuiaba.
The Sinop economy ceased to be based on logging, sharing space with the provision of services and
a core of higher education. Since 1990, more than nine thousand students from more than 30 cities in
the region have moved to Sinop, in search of higher education, heating real estate market.
The city currently is establishing itself as a service provider in various areas throughout the region.
Founded in 1974, the municipality is now the 4th population of the state, with an economy based on
agriculture. Earlier, the timber industry dominated. After extensive deforestation, cattle and soy
prevail. But the timber business resists, although illegally.
The city is bathed by the Teles Pires River, tributary of the Tapajos River, which flows into the
Amazon River. The Teles Pires allows diverse sports activities, such as amateur and sport fishing,
canoeing, rafting, among others. Also in the same river for the Cortado Beach, an important leisure
option in the municipality.
In the urban part is the Ecological Park of Sinop, located in the Jardim das Primaveras.