Brazil Destinations, Tefé

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Tefé is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Amazonas, North of the country. Its population,
according to estimates by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) in 2014 was
62,662 inhabitants. Its land area is 23,808 km, and the forty­eighth biggest city in Brazil in area and
the twenty third of Amazonas.
The cultural traits, political and economic legacy of the Portuguese are remarkable and striking in
Tefé. However, returning a little back in history, one cannot forget the importance of the Amerindians
in the category ethnic contribution. It was the Amerindians who started the human occupation in
In its historical development, the locals are the result of mixing of three basic ethnic groups that make
up the Brazilian population: the Indian, the European and the black, thus forming mestizos of the
area. Later, with the arrival of immigrants, formed a unique culture broth, which characterizes the
population of the city and the state, its values ​​and way of life. However, it is remarkable the
predominance of the influence of the Brazilian indigenous in the municipality. Another striking ethnic
group in the city is the Caboclo (also called Mameluco), the result of Indian mixing with white.
There are no roads linking Tefé to any other city, access is only by boat or plane.
Due to the prime location in the State of Amazonas center, Tefé Airport today plays an important role
for the local commercial activity and to neighboring towns like Carauari, Eirunepé, Coari, Jurua, São
Gabriel da Cachoeira, Japurá, Fonte Boa, Iauaretê, Envira, Itamarati, Sao Paulo Olivenza and other
neighboring cities.
Mission and Meeting of the waters – Boat ride to visit the ancient Church of the Training Center and
go to the meeting of the Tefé River with the Solimões. Duration: approximately 3 hours.
Igapó­ boat ride through the valley to discover the fauna and the local flora.
Beaches­ During dry seasons, you can enjoy the river beaches of Tefé that are bathed by Nogueira
From Tefe you can reach by boat one of the most interesting Lodges in the Amazon Jungle. Natural
heritage of humanity in the heart of the Amazon, lies is the Mamiraua reserve, the perfect destination
for those who dream of going to the Amazon. The reserve is part of one of the most important blocks
of protected rainforest in the world and is home to a rich ecosystem that includes species endemic to
the region, such as the white monkey Uacari white and the Black face monkey.

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