Brazil Destinations, Teresina

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Teresina is the capital and most populous municipality in the Brazilian state of Piauí. With 814,439
inhabitants, Teresina is the 19th largest city in Brazil, and the 15th largest state capital in the country.
Teresina is the only capital in the Northeast that has no coastline. The lack of beaches, however, is
rewarded by other attractions such as the meeting of the rivers Poty and Parnaíba, good typical
cuisine restaurants and good shopping in the category crafts and clothing. To alleviate the heat that
plagues the city all year, parks and leafy squares are scattered through the streets and avenues.
Teresina was the first city in Brazil built in geometric design. Easy to walk, the city received the title of
“Green City” granted by the poet Coelho Neto. There are the fig trees, the mangoes trees and acacia
trees that provide shadow in Teresina to soften the heat brought by its low altitude and the
evaporation of river water. In the months of September to December ­ the heat is intense, but in the
first half of the year the temperature is pleasant, especially at night and early morning.
The most traditional tour of the capital is the boat ride to the meeting of the rivers. The boats depart
from the Environmental Park Encontro dos Rios (Meeting of the Rivers) in the neighborhood of Poty
Velho, home of local potters. On the way back of the tour, the beautiful pottery works can be seen. To
buy local art crafts, the Plaza Pedro II is the right place. Oratories, saints and biblical characters are
the most beautiful ones as well as purses and placemats made with Buriti wood fibers. The local
cuisine is great attraction in Teresina. On the other side of the Poty River, in the neighborhoods of
Fatima, Joquei e Sao Cristovao are some of the best restaurants in town.
The night Teresina is very hectic. Having no beach, the city chose to develop its nightlife. Numerous
bars, restaurants, and venues offer music with the participation of local artists, going from classical to
popular. Constantly, the city offers concerts, art exhibitions, book launches, theater, cinema,
exhibitions and many other cultural options that complement the agenda of visitors.

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