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Três Lagoas is a municipality of Mato Grosso do Sul, distant 340Km from Campo Grande being the fourth
most populous city in the state with 85,000 inhabitants. It derives its name from the three lagoons that exist in
the region.
The history of Três Lagoas began in 1829 with the entry of sertanista Joaquim Francisco Lopes, according to
reports in the Brazilian Historical Institute. Early in the century, between 1902 and 1905, about 700 people
were established on the outskirts of the Greater Lagoon. There were already some commercial
establishments. Several improvements arose from the sale of livestock, considered the first economic cycle in
the region. Known as the “City of Water”, Três Lagoas is one of the main cities of the state, in the complex
ecosystem of the Pantanal.
Bathed by Sucuriú and Paraná rivers and surrounded by natural attractions, Três Lagoas also experiences the
growth of tourism, a sector responsible for generating jobs and income for locals, offering to visitors resources
like freshwater beaches, lodgings, marina, spa, water sports and typical events, as the traditional “Arrancadao
de Barcos” held on the Paraná River waters, the annual National Jet Ski Circuit in Rio Sucuriú, as well as
exciting fishing for peacock bass that guarantees emotion and adrenaline.
Tres lagoas receives tourists from different parts of Brazil for fishing activities and to visit the Pantanal.
Besides the natural beauty Três Lagoas has its Cultural Heritage, Christ statue, old railroad northwest of Brazil,
Sacred Heart Cathedral of Jesus, Soldier Cemetery, Obelisk, Francisco Sá Bridge, Central Clock, among

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