Brazil Destinations, Tucuruí

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Tucuruí is a municipality in the state of Pará in the Northern region of Brazil. The name Tucuruí is a Tupi word
that means “river of ants” or “river of locusts. The city is very famous because of its colossal Dam, the Tucuruí
Dam. The current reality of Tucurui was created in two historical moments. The first was the implantation of the
Tocantins Railroad that aimed to overcome the rapids and waterfalls of the river, and the second was the
construction of the hydroelectric Tucurui. Both projects influenced countless habits of city residents.
Tucuruí Hydroelectric Plant is the largest engineering project ever undertaken in the Amazon, a landmark of
world engineering of dams, by its magnitude, implementation and operation. Dominate the Rio Tocantins was a
giant task. Take machines, equipment and workers, from most distant parts of Brazil and the world, required a
complex logistics, with the construction of roads, airport and residential villas. The construction of Tucuruí is a
story that mixes the determination and creativity of the Brazilian people with the professionalism of national
The city of Tucuruí is currently one of the main destinations sought by tourists who come to Pará in July. With
a tasty regional cuisine, carnival out of season it takes about 20,000 revelers looking for the electric trios, the
grand views of one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the world and the landscapes in several artificial
freshwater islands.
The Carnaré: The Carnaré is among the largest off­season carnivals of Para State. Organized in blocks, the
trios conduct the party dragging the people through the streets until the Marques de Santo Antonio, according
to the locals, an allusion to Marques de Sapucai in Rio de Janeiro. The attraction, where are presented
regional and national bands, receives tourists from several states of Brazil.
Artificial islands: When the dam of Rio Tocantins was created, a new ecosystem in the region emerged; a huge
artificial lake, composed by several islands and a rich diversity of Amazonian fauna and flora. The Tucurui
Lake is one of the results of this river Dam. Known for its lush beauty, the artificial lake allows a beautiful view
of the sunset.

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