Brazil Destinations, Uberlândia

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Uberlândia is located in the western part of the state of Minas Gerais, in the region called Triângulo
Mineiro, one of the richest agricultural regions of Brazil, between the Paranaíba and Grande rivers.
Uberlândia is about 580 km away from São Paulo, connected by a modern and safe double trace
Uberlândia had its beginning in the nineteenth century. Hospitable city and preserving the traditions of
warm and cozy atmosphere, Uberlândia is the right destination for the tourist who wants to combine
the cultural knowledge and peaceful contact with nature.
Uberlândia is one of the fastest growing cities in the Triangulo Mineiro, especially in service sectors,
agribusiness and biotechnology. Along with the development came the good hotels and restaurants,
which increase more and more business tourism and events. The municipality has several waterfalls
and parks, highlighting the Parks Sabia and Municipal Victorio Siquierolli.
The following locations are a must see: the Church Divino Espirito Santo do Cerrado, the Museum
and the Municipal Market and the Indio Museum. Uberlandia has several other museums, churches
and cultural attractions to be visited.
Travel Tips
The Sabia Park offers fish farming sector, lakes and woods. It has excellent infrastructure, as well as
children’s playground, swimming pools and soccer fields.
House of Culture: built in the period 1922/1924 in eclectic style and neo­classical lines. Over the
years, the building had various uses such as residential, Hospital, Police office, among others.
Currently the House of Culture is destined to the realization of cultural events (courses, literary
launches, exhibitions etc.)
Principal Museum: built in the period 1916/1917 in order to house the Local Legislature. The building
was built in the Roman style and neolatino, which sought to merge eastern aspects through minarets,
which are focused on the directions of the cardinal points. The Museum’s collection consists of
historical documents, photographs and various tools used in domestic and commercial activities.

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