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Vilhena is city in the state of Rondônia. It has a population of about 69,000 inhabitants and is 630 Km
distant from Porto Velho, the state capital.
Vilhena began to develop rapidly becoming an important commercial and industrial center of the
region. The diversified agriculture is a highlighting for the production of rice and soybeans.
The city was named after Álvaro de Melo Coutinho Vilhena, who in 1890 was appointed chief
engineer of the Telegraph of the Republic.
In 1909, Lieutenant Colonel Candido Mariano da Silva Rondon, who served as head of the
commission and construction of the telegraph line in Mato Grosso­Amazonas, led an expedition of 42
men through the Amazon regions. The camp was formed in order to conduct studies on the
ecosystem and the behavior of indigenous peoples in the region. And this was the beginning of what
would become the city of Vilhena, in the state of Rondônia.
30 km distant from Vilhena, the Rio Vermelho (red river) is one of the strengths for those seeking
camping or just venturing through the river flow. Behind the waterfall there is a cave.
Vilhena is considered the best climate city in the Amazon, with average temperatures of 73F and
chills in the middle of the year, arriving at 48F; it has a hot humid climate, with rainy season from
September to May and rainfall exceeding 2.000mm /year. This climate granted Vilhena the nickname
of “Campos do Jordao do Norte”.
The city was awarded by Embratur, for four consecutive years, with the Seal of Tourism Potential. Its
natural beauty, with spectacular waterfalls and a complete infrastructure, attract tourists from all over
Brazil and the world.
The National Foundation of the Indian assistance (Funai) manages several reserves located within
the municipality, among them the Aripuana Park, the Park Tubaroes and Roosevelt stations.

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