Brazil Destinations, Vitória da Conquista

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Vitória da Conquista is a municipality in the state of Bahia. Its population is 346.199 inhabitants,
which makes it the third largest city in the state, behind Salvador and Feira de Santana, and the
fourth of the Northeast.
The territory where today is located the city of Vitoria da Conquista was inhabited by indigenous
peoples Mongoyó, Ymboré and Pataxó. The villages spread over a wide range, known as the Sertao
da Ressaca, which goes from the banks of the Rio Pardo until the Rio das Contas.
Until the 1940s, the economic base of the municipality was based on extensive livestock. From there,
the economic and social structure would enter a new stage, with trade occupying a large prominent
place in the local economy. Because of its privileged geographical location with the opening of the
Rio­Bahia highway (current BR­116) and Ilheus­Lapa road, the municipality connected to other
regions of the state and the rest of the country; and soon came to polarize almost a hundred
municipalities in the center­south of Bahia and north of Minas.
From the late 1980s, the municipality enhances its services features. Education, health services and
trade expand, making the city the third largest economy of the Bahian interior. These varied services
attract people from neighboring municipalities.
In parallel to the expansion of coffee plantations, an industrial hub began to form in Vitoria da
Conquista, with the creation of the Industrial Center of Ymborés. In the 1990s, the ceramic industries,
marble, vegetable oil, cleaners, shoe and upholstery come into full expansion.
Vitoria da Conquista has the 6th largest economy in Bahia and the highlight is the service sector,
which accounts for over 70% of the city’s GDP. The micro­industries, installed throughout the city,
create jobs and income.
Vitoria da Conquista has a bus station, with daily lines to all the cities in the region and major cities of
the country, besides the Pedro Figueiredo Otacílio Airport for midsize aircraft with daily flights from
Azul Airlines and Passaredo for several Brazilian cities.

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