Brazil Destinations, Vitória

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With only 3.5 million inhabitants, the Espirito Santo State displays an extensive coastline which
includes 73 islands. The capital, Victoria, was founded in one of them, in the year 1551, and is
connected to the mainland by impressive bridges.
The two major ports of the city, where drains much of the ore for export, have transformed the region
into a fledgling business tourism destination.
In the nearby, historic Vila Velha, the urbanized fringe of Praia da Costa and Itaparica focuses on
popular activities and the presence of young people. Conceicao da Barra and Itaúnas, to the north,
and Guarapari, 65 km to the south, have been taking advantage of the movement generated at the
Capital due to business and attracted more tourists. The latter is dotted with small beaches, more
hidden, other urban, some with sand that would have supposed therapeutic properties.
There is also the famous Guaramare restaurant, considered the best in the country for seafood,
according to the Quatro Rodas Guide. The Moqueca (stew of seafood), is a symbol in the state,
perhaps not so much in the mountain region, where the highlight falls to the more rural cuisine.
The city of Domingos Martins, which has 90% of its territory above 500 meters, has its high season in
the winter months thanks to historic farms and milder temperatures. The Caparaó National Park,
protected area of ​​the Atlantic Forest, is home to the famous Pico da Bandeira, with 2892 meters high
(third largest in the country).
When it comes to culture, all roads lead to the Upper Town. Founded in 1551, Vitoria still preserves
some assets from that time. The historical tour ­ best done on foot ­ shows the Anchieta Palace; the
church of São Gonçalo, in Baroque style; the Metropolitan Cathedral from 1920 and the Gothic
Revival style; and the chapel of Santa Luzia, the oldest building in town. And there’s the Sao
Francisco Convent, the church Nossa Senhora do Carmo e do Rosario and the Teather Carlos
Gomes, inspired by the famous Scala in Milan.
One of the most unusual tours of the area is the one leads to the Zen Monastery Morro da Vargem in
the nearby town of Ibiraçu. On Sundays, the space opens the door to the general public free of
charge. On top of a hill, visitors find a meditation stronghold in the middle of the Atlantic, where the
monks live. They guide the tour through the five temples of the place.

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